Tensorflow lite for Flutter

Live feed Object detection , Image classification Flutter Apps | Regression | Training ML models | 10+ Flutter Dart Apps


Do you want to build Machine Learning based Android and IOS applications?

Then welcome to “Tensorflow lite for Flutter , Smart App Development course

This course will teach you to build powerful ML-based Flutter applications using Tensorflow lite models.

Starting from learning the basics of Tensorflow lite you will learn the use of popular pre-trained models for Building

  • Image Classification(Using images or live camera footage) for Android and IOS
  • Object Detection(Using images or live camera footage) for Android and IOS
  • Pose Estimation(Using images or live camera footage) for Android and IOS
  • Image Segmentation for Android and IOS


Then we will learn to analyze and use regression models in Google Flutter ( Dart ) and build a couple of applications including

  • Basic Example for Android and IOS
  • Fuel Efficiency predictor for vehicles for Android and IOS

After that, we will explore some platforms to train image classification models without knowing any background knowledge of Machine learning.

  • So we will learn to get the dataset from Kaggle. After that, we will train the model to recognize different breeds of dogs and build a Flutter ( Dart ) application for that model.
  • Then using a technique called transfer learning we will retrain the mobile net model on our Fruit dataset and build a Google Flutter (Dart) application for that model.

After taking this course you will be able to

  • use pre-trained ML(Machine Learning) models in Google Flutter ( Dart )
  • train your own Image classification models
  • 10+ powerful ML(Machine Learning)-based Google  Flutter ( Dart ) Applications to empower your Resume

So this course will

  • boost your mobile app development career
  • give your company a huge competitive advantage

The underlying motivation for this course is that you can use

  • ML(Machine Learning) models in your own application
  • Impress potential employers with your Google Flutter ( Dart ) ML abilities

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Flutter developer with little knowledge of mobile app development in Google Flutter
  • Intermediate Flutter developer wanted to build a powerful Machine Learning-based application in Google Flutter
  • Experienced Google  Flutter developers wanted to use Machine Learning models inside their applications.
  • Anyone who took a basic Google flutter mobile app development course before (like flutter app development course by angela yu or other such courses).

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Flutter developer want to learn use of Machine learning in Flutter
  • Intermediate Flutter developer looking to enhance their skillset
  • Expert Flutter developer want to build state of the art Applications
  • Flutter Developers want to learn Tensorflow lite models in Flutter


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