Learn Google Flutter Fast: 65 Example Apps

by Mark Clow



Learn Google Flutter by example.

Over 65 example mini-apps.

Chapters Include:

Three Chapters on Dart Language.

Introduction to Flutter.

Installing Flutter.

Your first Flutter App.

Dependencies & Packages.

Introduction to Widgets & Composition.

Stateless Widgets. Stateful Widgets.

Basic Material Widgets.

Multi-Child Widgets.

Single-Child Widgets.

App Scaffolding Widgets. Other Widgets.


Routing & Navigation.


Http, Apis, REST & JSON. Flutter with Http, Apis, REST & JSON.

State. State & Stateful Widgets. State & InheritedWidgets. State & Scoped Model. State & BLoCs with Streams.

Local Persistence. Mixins.

Debugging & Performance Profiling.

Change Detection, Keys & Rendering. Other Performance Considerations.

Publishing Your App.

Flutter Resources.


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