Flutter for Intermediates

Learn to Develop Production Ready Modern Real World App (COVID19 TRACKING)

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  • Basic Familiarity with the Dart and Flutter
  • Basic Flutter concepts like : Stateless and Stateful Widgets
  • Should have Flutter SDK configured on the system
  • VS Code or Android Studio should be fine for development
  • Passion and Enthusiasm about learning something new


In this course, you are going to build modern apps by learning Flutter Intermediate concepts like,

1. How to build modern UI,

2. How to work with HTTP request,

3. How to manage your state efficiently,

4. Where to find Appropriate APIs,

5. Where to find proper high quality assets,

6. How to build beautiful animations,

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediates or beginners flutter developers who wants to learn how to build modern real world app.


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