Dart Essentials

May 25, 2015

by Martin Sikora

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Design and build full-featured web and CLI apps using the powerful Dart language and its libraries and tools

About This Book

  • Build sophisticated, powerful apps using Dart 1.9; learn about the newest libraries and asynchronous APIs
  • Write encapsulated components and apps with Web Components, polymer.dart, and AngularDart
  • Explore Standalone Dart VM with CLI apps, unit testing, and server-side scripting and discover Dart’s full potential with C/C++ native extensions
  • Practical, tutorial-based guide with examples in the context of modern web development for mobile and desktop with HTML5 features

Who This Book Is For

This book is targeted at expert programmers in JavaScript who want to learn Dart quickly. Some previous experience with OOP programming in other languages and a good knowledge of JavaScript are assumed.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the Dart language syntax, libraries, and package manager
  • Use existing JavaScript libraries in Dart and call Dart code from JavaScript
  • Handle asynchronous calls with Future-Based API and use HTML5 features in Dart
  • Write example apps with Web Components and polymer.dart
  • Develop web apps using AngularDart
  • Test apps with unit tests and analyze them with Observatory
  • Explore CLI apps, WebSocket servers, and server-side scripting in Dart
  • Extend the Standalone Dart VM with C/C++ native extensions

In Detail

The Dart programming language can be used for both client- and server-side development. It combines the best from many of today’s languages. Dart’s cohesive, scalable, and robust web programming features will help individuals and organizations solve challenges in a whole new way.

You’ll start off with an interactive tour of Dart and realize its power. You will step up to learn about the DOM tree and its implementation, while creating web apps. You will learn how to use various APIs for asynchronous calls, GeoLocation, Audio, File Drag and Drop, touch events, and more. Later on, you will build custom elements with Web Components and build on top of the previous parts with polymer.dart. You will also learn about data bindings and how to use AngularDart. You’ll get to grips with writing CLI scripts, MySQL queries, Apache and nginx configuration, WebSockets, and so much more. Finally, you’ll learn the unit testing and profiling, and writing native extensions in C/C++.


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