Flutter 2.0.4 is now available in the stable channel.

This is a hotfix release that addresses the following issues:

  • Issue #78589 – CocoaPods transitive dependencies with bitcode fail to link against debug Flutter framework
  • Issue #76122 – Adding a WidgetSpan widget causes web HTML renderer painting issue
  • Issue #75280 – Dragging the “draggable” widget causes widget to freeze in the overlay layer on Web

You can upgrade Flutter in the stable channel by running:

flutter channel stable

flutter upgrade


Post Your YouTube videos on Flutter Net

Flutter YouTube post

Did you know, that you can easily post your YouTube videos or channels on Flutter net ?

Yes, we have a separate forum category for this.

Just register on forum and make your content available for all our forum users.

Use the following link to post and view YouTube videos: https://flutter-net.com/community/youtube-flutter-resources/

Googl luck and happy coding and watching 🙂

appEnhancer – Free App Reviews Exchange Service

appEnhancer logo

Get feedback on your apps from peer developers directly in Google Play or the App Store. Getting a constant flow of positive reviews is a crucial factor in making your apps rank higher in the store charts and become more visible.

It’s working as rating exchange service. Register on site and add your apps from Google Play and/or Appstore.

Write a reviews on other developers apps to collect points. Each point is one review for your app.

Notice that you can write reviews only from you mobile browser.

Good luck and more positive reviews !


Ubuntu Makes Flutter ‘Default Choice’ for Future Desktop Apps

Flutter is the default choice for future mobile and desktop apps created by Canonical.

Google’s open-source and cross-platform UI making framework continues to grow in popularity, particularly among web devs looking for an easy “in” to mobile and desktop app development.

Flutter is underpinned by the Dart programming language, but the desktop SDK (which is now available as a stable release) means there’s plenty of support for crafting pseudo-native software that integrates with the underlying desktop OS. 

Or at least, that’s the theory.

Canonical is a vocal supporter of Flutter. It worked with Google to bring the Flutter SDK to Linux desktops via the Snap Store, and plans to create a new Ubuntu installer using the tech.

Now it’s confirmed it’s going all in!

Meet our new partner – O’Reilly

o'reilly logo

Today we’ve received an acceptance letter from O’Reilly, so we are in partnership now. Stay connected – we are adding all the Flutter and Dart related content (there are thousands of items on their site).

O’Reilly Media (formerly O’Reilly & Associates) is an American learning company established by Tim O’Reilly that publishes books, produces tech conferences, and provides an online learning platform. Their distinctive brand features a woodcut of an animal on many of their book covers.

Using Flutter Forum

flutter forum screenshot

Did you know ? The fastest and the most useful way to ask the questions about Flutter is using developers forum.

Forum advantages:

  • Simple paradigm understood by most
  • Better organized via topics
  • Archives & accessing old topics easier
  • No email distractions unless you manually subscribe to them
  • Same user experience for all – user experience not web-browser dependent
  • Encourages sharing media (such as photos)
  • Easy to social share
  • Rich user profiles
  • Can “friend” other users, or “ignore” ones you don’t care for

Feel free to register on our forum and start asking your questions !

Happy coding 🙂

Setup a Flutter Developer Environment on Chrome OS

If you have a slow or old machine but still want to write a code on Flutter, you can try to install Chrome OS clone and give it a try.

The same settings I hope will work on original Chrome Book as well, but I don’t have it by hand to try.

I’ve made this setup on my PC with CloudReady OS from NeverWare

Read more Setup a Flutter Developer Environment on Chrome OS

Flutter Shop opening !

We are proud to announce that we are opening a Flutter Shop on the site.

The first category is Flutter Books – here you’ll find all the Flutter books from different sources. Collection will be updated constantly. Now we have a partnership with Amazon, more partners are coming.

The other planned categories will be:

  • Flutter Courses – all the Flutter courses available in the internet. For now we have a partnership with Udemy, more to come.
  • Flutter Clothes – T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, e.t.c.
  • Other Flutter stuff – like coffee cups, ball pens, stickers, e.t.c.

Stay connected to see all of this stuff soon.

Visit Flutter Shop