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Stellar is a unique technology that provides the ability to instantly exchange crypto assets and avoid losing money on commissions. Many corporations all over the world are already using Stellar technology, and are actively stellar bitcoin: investing in the development of the project. Read more about this list of exchanges Few people are better placed to talk about crypto's evolution, than Jed McCaleb. After creating the world's first Bitcoin exchange, MtGox, he moved on to help lead Ripple and co-found Stellar, a platform used for speedy, cross-border transactions. Stellar XLM was launched in July 2014 as a decentralized open-source protocol to allow performing crypto transfers to fiat and vice versa. Either way, many analysts are telling investors that the volatilityshouldnrsquotsteer them away from XLM. I look at it the opposite way. At some point, if these altcoins want to stand apart from Bitcoin, they need to behave in a more predictable way. Right now, XLM is behaving a lot like Bitcoin.

how is crypto taxed in the us

The IRS treats cryptocurrency as a standard type of property, the same as receiving comic books or a car. The government taxes this asset as either ordinary income or capital gains. This means that if you sell it and make a profit, you will ordinarily owe taxes on, those gains. As with all investment assets,, though, there are a few ways to reduce your tax liability.Here’s what you need to know. Alternative assets like cryptocurrencies are best handled with the insights and guidance of a financial advisor. This is extremely challenging for many cryptocurrency investors as most haven’t been keeping detailed records of their investing activity. Trying to track the cost basis and USD prices for all of their cryptos across all of their exchanges, wallets, and protocols at any given time quickly turns into a difficult, if not impossible, spreadsheet exercise.

crypto hard fork

The dissenting viewpoint may have more traction than you would assume at first glance, too. For example, F2Pool, the third largest Ethereum mining pool, has not announced whether it will be voting yes or no on the hard fork, despite an overwhelming, majority showing support in early Eth holder voting. A majority "no" vote would allow anyone with access to drained DAO funds from malicious splits 1 btc to naira walk away with over twelve percent of the extant Ethereum, and crash the market price in the short term. Whether that price crash is worth the long-term immutability and competitiveness of Ethereum in the cryptocurrency space is what voting on this update is attempting to sort out. That suggests the ether market has priced in the hard fork decision. Joe Lee, a co-founder of bitcoin derivatives platform Magnr in London, expects a successful hard fork decision to therefore boost the price of ether. "I see this as validation that the community can build a very powerful system like Ethereum in the right way," he says.



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