Announcing Flutter for Windows becomes stable

Flutter for Windows Released Stable

From the Developers of Flutter:

Build high-quality Windows apps that also run on mobile and web

Since we launched Flutter, we’ve focused on delivering a cross-platform solution for beautiful, tailored apps that are compiled to machine code and take full advantage of the underlying graphics hardware of your device. Today marks a significant expansion of this vision with the first production release of support for Windows as an app target, enabling Windows developers to benefit from the same productivity and power that mobile developers have been enjoying.

Flutter 2.8.1 & Dart 2.15.1 update on stable channel


  • dart/47914 – AOT compilation fails with error “Invalid argument(s): Missing canonical name for Reference”
  • dart/47815 – Running dart pub publish with custom pub package server that has URL containing a path may fail.


  • flutter/94914 – Apps using google_sign_in or google_maps don’t build in iOS Simulator on ARM macOS
  • flutter/90783 – In rare circumstances, engine may crash during app termination on iOS and macOS

In order to get the latest, run ‘flutter upgrade’

Flutter 2.0.4 is now available in the stable channel.

This is a hotfix release that addresses the following issues:

  • Issue #78589 – CocoaPods transitive dependencies with bitcode fail to link against debug Flutter framework
  • Issue #76122 – Adding a WidgetSpan widget causes web HTML renderer painting issue
  • Issue #75280 – Dragging the “draggable” widget causes widget to freeze in the overlay layer on Web

You can upgrade Flutter in the stable channel by running:

flutter channel stable

flutter upgrade