New versions of the VS Code extensions for Dart/Flutter have been published

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Testing Improvements

  • #3791: Tests in nested projects no longer run multiple times when using the Test: Run All Tests command (which often led to package resolution errors as they were running in the context of their parent projects).
  • #3776: Using the testGoldens function from the from golden_toolkit package will no longer cause issues when trying to run/view the results of tests in the tree. Tests may still appear duplicated in the tree if you are using a version of golden_toolkit that does not include this PR (the fix for that is to upgrade the golden_toolkit package).
  • #3803/#3705: It’s now possible to override the launch configuration used when running/debugging tests from the test runner. See the Debugger section below for an example.


  • #3759: Clickable paths in stack traces in the Debug Console now jump to the correct line number (instead of always line 1) for assertion failure errors.
  • #3803/#3802: Creating launch configurations for the standard Run/Debug CodeLens links has been simplified so that it can be done with a single field (and now also applies to executions of tests from the test runner):

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