Flutter 3.7.6 update

Flutter 3.7.6 has been released and it’s packed with new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements that make developing apps in Flutter even easier!

The latest version of Flutter brings a number of major changes such as improved support for AndroidX libraries, updated Material widgets to match the latest Material Design guidelines from Google, and an overhauled engine for faster compilation times on all platforms. Additionally there are several smaller updates including better handling of text input fields across different types of devices (such as tablets) plus some important security patches too.

For developers this release offers plenty to get excited about: the new AndroidX library support makes it easy to integrate existing libraries into your app while still leveraging all the benefits that come with using Flutter; material widget updates give you more options when designing interfaces; plus faster compilation times mean less time spent waiting around during development cycles – something we can all appreciate!

Additionally this update also includes a range of bug fixes which should help reduce any issues encountered by developers working on their projects – particularly those related to internationalization or accessibility-related problems which were previously reported in earlier versions. Finally there’s also improved documentation available online so if you ever need help understanding how something works then chances are you can find what you need quickly without having to contact customer service first!

Overall this is another great step forward for anyone who develops mobile apps using Flutter – whether they be newcomers or seasoned pros alike – so why not take advantage today? Downloading and installing is quick & easy – just head over here now https://flutterstudioappstore/download-fluttersdk/. Happy coding everyone!

Announcing Flutter for Windows becomes stable

Flutter for Windows Released Stable

From the Developers of Flutter:

Build high-quality Windows apps that also run on mobile and web

Since we launched Flutter, we’ve focused on delivering a cross-platform solution for beautiful, tailored apps that are compiled to machine code and take full advantage of the underlying graphics hardware of your device. Today marks a significant expansion of this vision with the first production release of support for Windows as an app target, enabling Windows developers to benefit from the same productivity and power that mobile developers have been enjoying.

Free VPN from Cloudflare

WARP VPN client from Cloudflare

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They are telling that free version have some bandwidth limits, but i personally cannot see any differences working with VPN enabled or disabled.

Available for MacOS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.

More information and download links here.

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New versions of the VS Code extensions for Dart/Flutter have been published

Visual Studio Code logo

Testing Improvements

  • #3791: Tests in nested projects no longer run multiple times when using the Test: Run All Tests command (which often led to package resolution errors as they were running in the context of their parent projects).
  • #3776: Using the testGoldens function from the from golden_toolkit package will no longer cause issues when trying to run/view the results of tests in the tree. Tests may still appear duplicated in the tree if you are using a version of golden_toolkit that does not include this PR (the fix for that is to upgrade the golden_toolkit package).
  • #3803/#3705: It’s now possible to override the launch configuration used when running/debugging tests from the test runner. See the Debugger section below for an example.


  • #3759: Clickable paths in stack traces in the Debug Console now jump to the correct line number (instead of always line 1) for assertion failure errors.
  • #3803/#3802: Creating launch configurations for the standard Run/Debug CodeLens links has been simplified so that it can be done with a single field (and now also applies to executions of tests from the test runner):

New Free Flutter Course from Udacity

Udacity Flutter Course

Udacity announced a new free course for Flutter Developers – “Build Native Mobile Apps with Flutter”.

About this Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Flutter to quickly develop high-quality, interactive mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Whether you’re just getting started with mobile app development, or experienced with other mobile app frameworks, you’ll enjoy the high-velocity development and quality apps that Flutter enables. 

Work with Google instructors step-by-step to build an app in one codebase that compiles down to native ARM code and has high performance on both iOS and Android. Learn how to develop fast by making use of Flutter’s reactive framework, stateful Hot Reload, and integrated tooling. Customize your app with rich, composable widgets, built-in animations, and a layered, extensible architecture.

Timeline for the course is about two weeks.

Enhance your skill set and boost your hirability through innovative, independent learning.

Feel free to register and join 🙂

Flutter 2.8.1 & Dart 2.15.1 update on stable channel


  • dart/47914 – AOT compilation fails with error “Invalid argument(s): Missing canonical name for Reference”
  • dart/47815 – Running dart pub publish with custom pub package server that has URL containing a path may fail.


  • flutter/94914 – Apps using google_sign_in or google_maps don’t build in iOS Simulator on ARM macOS
  • flutter/90783 – In rare circumstances, engine may crash during app termination on iOS and macOS

In order to get the latest, run ‘flutter upgrade’

Flutter 2.0.4 is now available in the stable channel.

This is a hotfix release that addresses the following issues:

  • Issue #78589 – CocoaPods transitive dependencies with bitcode fail to link against debug Flutter framework
  • Issue #76122 – Adding a WidgetSpan widget causes web HTML renderer painting issue
  • Issue #75280 – Dragging the “draggable” widget causes widget to freeze in the overlay layer on Web

You can upgrade Flutter in the stable channel by running:

flutter channel stable

flutter upgrade


Post Your YouTube videos on Flutter Net

Flutter YouTube post

Did you know, that you can easily post your YouTube videos or channels on Flutter net ?

Yes, we have a separate forum category for this.

Just register on forum and make your content available for all our forum users.

Use the following link to post and view YouTube videos: https://flutter-net.com/community/youtube-flutter-resources/

Googl luck and happy coding and watching 🙂

appEnhancer – Free App Reviews Exchange Service

appEnhancer logo

Get feedback on your apps from peer developers directly in Google Play or the App Store. Getting a constant flow of positive reviews is a crucial factor in making your apps rank higher in the store charts and become more visible.

It’s working as rating exchange service. Register on site and add your apps from Google Play and/or Appstore.

Write a reviews on other developers apps to collect points. Each point is one review for your app.

Notice that you can write reviews only from you mobile browser.

Good luck and more positive reviews !


Ubuntu Makes Flutter ‘Default Choice’ for Future Desktop Apps

Flutter is the default choice for future mobile and desktop apps created by Canonical.

Google’s open-source and cross-platform UI making framework continues to grow in popularity, particularly among web devs looking for an easy “in” to mobile and desktop app development.

Flutter is underpinned by the Dart programming language, but the desktop SDK (which is now available as a stable release) means there’s plenty of support for crafting pseudo-native software that integrates with the underlying desktop OS. 

Or at least, that’s the theory.

Canonical is a vocal supporter of Flutter. It worked with Google to bring the Flutter SDK to Linux desktops via the Snap Store, and plans to create a new Ubuntu installer using the tech.

Now it’s confirmed it’s going all in!